Sexy and Swag

Welcome to The Needle on Vinyl!

HP Jam Session
Publicity poster from the HP Jam Session, which toured 4 cities.

Since working as a rotation DJ at my college radio station, I’ve looked for ways to fill the music void it left in my life. Hopelessly addicted to continuously exploring new sounds, I decided it was time I devoted myself to creating an online home for the music in my life.

Created to stimulate musical exploration and experimentation, The Needle on Vinyl will be a place for modern hits songs to bump shoulders with classics and deserving gems stuck in obscurity, and for any genre to receive fair play and careful consideration. I’m hoping to share some cool Spotify playlists exploring particular genres and themes, analyze individual songs and Youtube videos that strike my fancy, produce podcasts and essays exploring the endless delights and mysteries the music world has to offer, and perhaps try my hand at some DJing and music production myself.

For my first playlist, I collected some of the sexiest and swaggiest pieces of modern R&B and hip-hop I could find. For some reason lately I’ve been totally preoccupied with atmospheric, seductive electronic-influenced rappers and vocalists. This playlist is a quick tour of the most baller dance music, R&B, and hip-hop that’s been keeping me jamming out 24/7 these days.

The playlist heavily features urban hitmakers like Drake, Timbaland, and Nelly Furtado, with a few classic R&B tracks and later on, a journey into some heavy electronic influence. Prepare to be seduced and sexually stimulated… hopefully simultaneously! Oh, and be sure not to miss track 13, a ridiculously heavy hip-hop track called “Life Round Here” from James Blake and Chance the Rapper.

Enjoy! Peace, y’all.

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