Fall in Love

Sunday Sexiness | Phantogram will melt your brain

I half-accidentally stumbled into an independent theater to see “Her”, not expecting to be swept off my feet into a whimsical, passionate, consummately romantic parallel universe. And for some odd reason, the song “Fall in Love” was playing over the theatre’s speakers, both while I was entering and exiting. WHAAAAAAAT… It was as though Aphrodite was conspiring to sieze control of ALL THE speakers.

So naturally, I looked up the song, and was instantly consumed by it. Just as the movie plunges you into a twee, hyper-romantic vision of the future, so does this song magnify and encapsulate the stormy, sensual feeling of passionate love.

Ok, time to cool down my hipster jets. This song is JUST unbelievably cool. Mixed almost entirely from electronic samples and synthesized beats, the song also sports one of the most psychedelic, trippy music videos you could hope to see. It’s like a journey into the interior of a highly geometric, digital fantasy zone where people spend LITERALLY 24 hours a day jamming out. Just sit back end enjoy the metallic leather outfits and pulsing light show. Definitely worth the resultant obsession and inevitable disappointment with every romantic relationship ever, post-viewing. 🙂 enjoy!

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