Young and Beautiful

An Upbeat Celebration of Youth & Optimism

Teddybears, who recorded the sweet track called "Cobrastyle."
Teddybears, who recorded the sweet track “Cobrastyle.”

For my second playlist, I collected some of the most energetic, uplifting musical explorations of youthfulness. Be ready to dance, laugh, and melt as the music takes hold of your soul and carries you, laughing, into the screaming crowds. This is music to jam out to, FOR SURE.

From artists as diverse as Lana Del Rey, who produced track 1 on this list for last year’s “The Great Gatsby” soundtrack, to songs influenced and mixed by prominent DJs David Guetta and Calvin Harris, the songs are designed to provoke energetic exuberance. Lots of fun for any occasion!

Though every song is magical in its own way and worthy of gushing adoration, I have to call attention to track 13, “Cobrastyle,” by Teddybears. This song has been playing on repeat in my brain ever since I heard it in the car on a road trip recently. It is confident, energetic, and hand-clappingly addictive. Be sure to give it a listen! Also, don’t miss track 21, “Don’t Wait,” by Mapei, which demands in its lyrics that you grab life by the horns and do whatever it is that you dream of doing.

This music is happy, exuberant, and optimistic. Be ready for a dopamine sugar-rush that is sure to get your weekend rolling on the right note! You’re welcome!


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