Never Said Goodbye

Ruth Moody’s piano ballad soars with passion and sadness

With this video, I just… I don’t even… I… there are no words. Ruth Moody’s voice is stunning, poignant and perfect. Her album “The Garden” is a consistent, delicate piece of bluegrass-tinged folk poetry, encapsulated in 12 perfect songs released by Red House Records in 2010, which I finally stumbled upon earlier this summer. As a member of the trio the Wailin’ Jennys, Ms. Moody has recorded some of the finest harmonies in country music that I know of. Here voice exudes warmth and kindness, and she is perfect whether accompanied by piano, guitar, or delicately strummed banjo, bringing to mind images of open and empty fields and farmland, moonlit skies, and the peace of natural beauty and the pastoral countryside.

This song is the height of wistfulness and regret on the album, and the video shows Ms. Moody unaccompanied in the studio, playing piano and singing. A violin joins in with her soon enough, adding to the feeling of heartfelt loss and regret. It is a song of moving on, a song of missing people close to you and enduring the distance that grows between people over time. Moody’s voice weeps, and the camera moves around her slowly, revealing glimpses of a dimly-lit, intimate studio.

I forget sometimes how precious it is to back up and support the unaccompanied singer, who, alone with her thoughts and regrets, is the source of songs like this one. Timeless music comes from the soul like a fountain, and Moody channels her heartache and regret into every note of her album. When friends are distant, and you can barely handle the feeling of missing the people you love, just realize they are missing you just as much if not more than you miss them. Memories created with loved ones are so precious to me, and through my life, I have created associations between people and experiences I find important and connect with so deeply, and the songs that reflect those experiences we shared.

That’s why it is so important to me to express the feelings of gratitude and connection I have for the people I care for. I can’t see you or hug, have lunch, and talk to you every day the way I wish, but I can poke you now and then with a text or a message on social media, and let you know that I’m thinking of you and that I hope you are doing well, wherever you are and whatever your struggles might be. I can keep the thought of you in mind and that brings the warmth of our friendship to my mind and makes me feel safe again. Friendship has been so central in my life, and Ruth Moody sings so sweetly about it.

So give this song a listen, or even better, check out her album!!! SO GOOD. Just sayin’.

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