Waiting Game is an awesome video but mostly just build-up

We’re done waiting… love is about taking action.

This song is one I first stumbled on nearly half a year ago now… though it seems like ages and ages at this point. The video is a ridiculously stunning flight of visual fancy, with floating motes of dust accompanying an overwhelming, heady mix that lifts vocalist Banks’ voice and amplifies it to a soaring crescendo. She appears to be singing to a lover, and the video reflects that… a male figure walking slowly and steadily closer to a blinding light, where Banks stands waiting for her. They never really go anywhere, and nothing ever actually happens, but that’s not too big a deal in the big scheme of things.

I don’t really have much to say about this, to be honest. It’s just a really damn good mix and an amazing video. The lyrics, though, are pretty obtuse: she’s debating whether she wants to get entangled in a serious relationship, but she’s tormentingly hesitant and insecure. “I don’t wanna say your love is a waiting game,” she sings, as though there were something unspeakable and inexplicable holding her back and weighing her down. She seems to be tangled in some kind of horrible guilt, which fills her psyche with second thoughts and frustrations. “Don’t tell me listen to your song because it isn’t the same,” she sings. Ok, yeah, sure, whatever.

So this lover of yours makes you feel sexy but it’s causing you shame, Banks? Well, that’s cool. Turns out you ARE sexy, and if this person makes you feel sexy, than that’s pretty cool. Good for you. What’s the problem? Apparently there’s a chance “they’ll both be on a stage,” and too busy performing all the time to be with each other. That’s a legitimate concern, considering that both Banks herself and the unknown male in the video appear to have been torn from an Aeropostale coupon insert of your local paper. But it sure would make a lot more sense and probably would require a lot less posing and flirtatious neck-bending if Banks would just get over it and admit that she loves the guy. Seriously. Grow a spine.

You know what? I don’t care what your silly questions and stupid hang-ups are. You may look like a model or like the Hoover Dam, but as long as you can take criticism, pick yourself back up when the chips are down, and are at least somewhat invested in the things you do and moderately intelligent, chances are we’ll get along. Maybe there’s even a decent chance we could have some fun together. But if you can’t act your age and be honest with yourself, and if you second guess every little move you make with a partner, than you’re bound to drive both of us mad. More than anything, I’m so sick and tired of being strung along. Banks is a pretty great musician, though I think she might possibly need a good relationship counselor.

Check out “Waiting Game! Banks will make you smile, cry, melt, and chances are she’ll drive you so bat-shit crazy and insecure that you’ll immediately drop the last of the cash in your bank account on crates and crates of Grey Goose and go on a bender so epic that half of Las Vegas will ban you from the premises. Have fun! Try not to die.


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