“Take Ü There” is a bucket of ice-water to my musical FACE

Electronic superheroes Skrillex and Diplo team up to melt some FACES as Jack Ü

This song came cascading out of my lovely car stereo late last night around 3:30 am and wwwwwwooooooke me the hell up. Loaded with energy, intensity, ingenuity, and prodigiousness, the track is a nearly-four minute quadruple shot of a mix, from the thud of it’s bass to the energy in the voice of featured artist Kiesza. To me, the song feels like the consolidation of powers of the most well known representatives of the electronic dance music master class, and a clarion call for the genre. “You got more love to give…” the lyrics repeat, essentially demanding that the listener, in so many words, dig very deep and put a fresh, new, high power foot forward in whatever they do. It is a surprise in the sea of pop-radio sameness, reminiscent of such unclassifiable viral hits as the Harlem Shake, but sexier in its worldview.

The video here is a slice of energized psychedelia infused with cartoon-ish intrusions, crafted and designed to amp-up the awesomeness of it all. The curtains open on a Jack Ü show, showing the long-haired Skrillex and party-maestro Diplo dancing and jamming from onstage behind a dual DJ booth. And from there to the end of the video, it’s just lots and lots of young concertgoers dancing and jumping and jamming. A wide-mouthed smiley face that is apparently the supergroup’s logo shows up now and again, reminding us that yes, we are here supporting the musical mainstream, and yes, these two have enough prominence and notoriety already as it is. But good, high-energy dance music is good high-energy dance music, and only the most committed of softcore-only fans will not find something cool in this song.

This is music to kick butt to, music to take names to. It’s face-melting, attention-grabbing, and inspires competitive (yet cooperative) creative output among us aspiring artist types. It is a challenge to get back in the game, to put your ass on the line, and to fight to be heard until you’re no longer sure if there is fight left in you. I’ve been disappointed in my daily life to not be earning money in the profession I fancy, but blessed enough to see opportunities in that profession continue to tease and tempt me, and this song is a great way to pump myself up for the ongoing struggle, and the opening way. With my spirit raring to bump and tumble, and a heart open to the kind of adventures that put you at risk, this is music to activate you, and move you to action. Hope you have a happy hump-day! Keep on dancing!

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