Broiler blew me away with a Jonze-style single-take classssssic

The slow-burning all-consuming suspense and build of “Wild Eyes” will consume your soul

It won’t be fully clear why I say this until this video ends, but expect to be destroyed. Expect to be ravaged by this song, utterly and mercilessly, your heart throbbing in its cage, wishing to leap up from your throat and to flee into the windswept horizon. Touched with jazz-influenced saxophone and a suspenseful, masterful, climactic build, the track “Wild Eyes” by Broiler and featuring Ravvel, is nearly flawless by any measure, and paired with one of the most gloriously understated videos I’ve seen. The video recalls Spike Jonze’s one-shot masterpiece for Wax’s “Southern California” or for Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights”… albeit paired to a different genre of music. And that, for my tastes, is the highest compliment I could think of.

A woman walking down the railroad tracks. Shot in black and white. The camera is lazy, following her and drifting in and out of focus. The lyrics dance on the screen… “I can feel bright lights / In your wild eyes.” Who is she? Why is she there?

It has never been clear to me how a video like this comes to be. The sheer, unadulterated genius on display here is harsh, shocking, and powerful, and I do not imagine it can possibly have come from a creative team wearing suits in a conference room somewhere in San Francisco. Hardly. I imagine the concept was born in the deepest, hottest fires of strife and struggle imaginable. I picture this video as one that never should have existed, but somehow came about nonetheless. It can only have been born from heartache and hustle. A couple hundred producers must have rejected this idea, because on paper it seems unremarkable. But in practice, it just… well… I can’t… I don’t… god, just watch the damn video and you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s lighting my soul on fire these days to the point that words fail me, as they tend to.

Love. It. So. Much. A toute a l’heure mes amis.

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