Hearts and St@rs

A trance-like, bright and bubbly cascade of energetic house music

I put some effort into this 19-song romping playlist of cool new energetic tracks! I’ve got a few projects I’m working on and some exciting travels coming up in the near future. But I felt it was a good time to set aside some really special music here. I LOVE the new design and I know you’ll find something to LOVE among these various songs! I personally am really jamming to Track Number 12, this weird and vaguely nature-influenced song Aftergold by Big Wild. Be sure to run out and buy it!

You’ll find some really brilliant DJ-ing at work in this playlist. Its full to the brim with fun samples, creative twists on old favorites, and a couple songs toward the end that have blown me away on the radio recently. Keep your head up this week, guys, and try to have fun with everything you do! More to come!

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