“Can I Sit Next to You” reminds us there are still good things out there

Spoon boasts style, meticulous vision, and a consistent understated genius

After seeing greatness fade elsewhere it’s nice to see one group in it for the long haul

You know they are right when they say that nothing lasts. I have to be honest, even as I write this, that at times it feels like all of it, any writing I have done, has been to myself, for myself, and about myself more so than to anyone else. The bands and the music and accompanying videos are the subject, of course, but the deeper subject of a blog like this is more often elusive. Ultimately, what it comes down to is that there is some chord in me which a particular song strikes, deep deep down, somewhere in my psyche. This chord may only resonate for a moment… or it may continue to reverberate every time I come back to the song. It is as though the music trigger a memory or deep emotion of my own which I hadn’t recognized until some musicians somewhere managed to put words to it.

With Spoon, I feel like I’ve found one of the rare groups who live and breathe their music, to the point it manages to drown out the rest of the noise. They’ve been going strong for pushing 27 years now, and carved out a very particular sound all their own. Their best songs come across brooding and terse, tightly measured, with deeply-considered lyrics and virtuosity of musicianship firmly the centerpiece. In “Sit Next to Me”, I can see them harkening back to their albums of old, the time I was best immersed in ‘quality’ radio. The beat pushes along tensely and seems to string with it a touch of suspense echoed in the lyrics: “I’ve been down so long; been down but gotta get lifted up…”

First hearing this song was like uncovering a buried treasure. I was a bit blown away to find that anyone is still  out there making new, great songs like this one, not to mention with a profoundly absurd and inexplicable video to boot. I wasn’t sure any longer that any of the real ones were still out there. But as it turns out, some groups never lose the fire; never turn to shills for a corporate label, and keep their brilliance against all odds. Good on them; and I hope to see many more years of genius.

I no longer expect anyone to read this blog. That ship has sailed long ago, and everyone’s probably too busy. By some cursed quirk, I’ve found that I just don’t have the entrepreneurial spirit to make a successful venture of a passion. I just want to write and write and keep writing, and the business considerations and all it entails just get in the way. I just want to find something that strikes a note for me and allow that note to carry the thread of my thoughts, go where they may. Ideally, I want to be someone in this life who lives and breathes their writing. So I just have to decide to do the thing anyway, and type away and keep doing it, heck with it all.

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